In Connemara there are a lot of businesses that are owned and run by local families, and use the unique beauty of the west coast as an inspiration for that business in the same way that Connemara Coastal Cottages does. Connemara Blue is one of these businesses

Connemara Blue Clifden Connemara Coastal Cottages

If you visit Clifden you may notice an unusually bright pink shop in the corner of the square.
“The Pink House” is the shop and workshop of Connemara Blue, a family team that work together to produce some very interesting artwork and giftware in fused glass. The interest started with a “come and have a go” course a number of years ago and this interest turned in to a fascination with the material and design of fused glass artwork.

The company consists of Ben Crow, boss and artist, Tash Copplestone Crow, business manager and artist and Pauline Crow who is also a glass artist. Ben, who is the head of the company finds the gentle curves, flowing lines and varying colours of the Connemara landscape enjoyable to represent in glass, especially in larger pieces.   

Connemara Blue Clifden

While the predominant colours of Connemara are green and brown, there is also a need to represent the colour blue. The infinite blues of the sky, rivers, lakes and sea are the reason they call their work Connemara Blue.

Tash Coplestone Crow is a classically-trained musician and teacher with over 20 years in the music education industry, Tash finally took the plunge and joined the Connemara Blue Team in January 2020Totally hooked, she continues to develop her ‘Crazy Bird’ and ‘Dandelion Birdies’ ranges, and has created bowls, plates and panels. ‘Dandelion Birdies’ is now the basis for Connemara Blue’s brand new logo.

 Customers love when they are told how these products are made when they are in the shop. They are amazed by the intricacies and details. How every piece is cut to fit exactly with precision. How the kiln melts the pieces together. How the layers and the details of copper wire, crushed pieces and other secrets are put together to create layers and texture in the final product. This gives a sense of how each piece comes into being and how much care goes in to it.

If you are visiting Clifden you should really make time to drop in and appreciate first hand how unique and beautiful these pieces are and how the refract the light.

Connemara Blue Connemara Coastal Cottages.

The components are all hand crafted  in the workshop and painstakingly laid out and pieced together before being brought to the kiln where the parts are fused together. Take a look at their website

Contact Details : The Pink House, Market Square, Clifden , H71 Y033
Connemara, County Galway, Ireland
Tel: 095 30782   Email [email protected]