5 Reasons To Visit Trá An Dóilín

With crystal clear waters, an abundance of life, and a rare diverse seabed habitat, everyone should add Trá an Dóilín to their bucket list! Founder of Atlantic Scuba Adventures Kirsty Ní Mhóráin let us know her top 5 reasons why everyone should visit Trá an Dóilín at least once.

1. Crystal Clear Waters

The crystal clear waters are something special and often mistaken for Mediterranean-like conditions during the summer months. The crystal clear water is due to the lack of sand and creates perfect conditions for swimming, snorkelling, and scuba for all the family. The blue flag beach is manned by a team of lifeguards in the summer months so you can enjoy your paddle knowing they are there to help. The beautiful landscapes also make for that perfect Instagram!

2. Rare Maerl

Instead of sand, this beach is made up of coralline algae known as Maerl. This coral like structure is beautifully coloured with no two pieces the exact same. This type of beach is exceptionally rare and is one of the oldest marine plants known in Europe. It is of great conservation significance and is protected under the EU Habitat

3. Interesting Marine Life

If you want to see a variety of marine life, Dóilín never disappoints. With crabs, blennies, gobies, dogfish, wrasse, starfish and lots more! If you keep your eyes peeled there’s always something new to find in the waters of the cove.

4. Seagrass Meadows

To the right hand side of the large rock in the centre of the beach, you can find beautiful seagrass meadows that are home to shoals upon shoals of fish. These ecological gold mines are essential in our ocean’s ecosystems as they provide food, shelter and nurseries for many of our ocean’s species. Known as the “lungs of the sea” seagrass release oxygen into the water via photosynthesis.

5. Scuba Diving!

We may be a tad biased, but if you ever thought about trying scuba diving, this is the place to do it! Our instructors will guide you every step of the way, from your first breath underwater, to learning new skills, to exploring the underwater marvels of Dóilín!

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All photo credits are to Torbjörn Gylleus