The sheltered part of Ballinakill bay to the south of the Dawros Peninsula has been producing oysters for a very long time. Atlantic Ocean currents and the maritime climate combine to make the perfect environment for oysters to grow, and nurture the flora and nutrients that the oysters need to create the unique and delicious flavour that has made DK Connemara oysters so sought after. Oysters have been farmed in Ballinakill Bay, Connemara since 1893. It is one of the oldest oyster farms in the country.connemara oysters

Originally the oysters were brought by horse and cart in barrels to Clifden, then they travelled by rail to Dublin for shipment on the mail boat to England. David Keane FCPA formed a wholly Irish owned company  in 201to acquire and run the business. The last few years have been spent restoring the farm and with the help of the hard working staff has successfully reignited the magical taste of Connemara Oysters from Ballinkil Bay.

Today, oysters from Ballinakil Bay are served in local hotels and restaurants as well as being exported worldwide.

connemara oystersThe oysters grown at the DK Connemara Oyster Farm are known as Pacific Oysters (Crassostrea Gigas) and are available all year round. Oysters are low in calories, low in fat and a good source of protein. They contain a vast stockpile of minerals, vitamins and organic compounds with a high concentrate of zinc. This healthy option coupled with the influences of the waters of Ballinakill Bay mean that our oysters are the quintessential choice for you. They are brought in as “spat”, tiny oysters only a few months old and are placed on trestle supprts in mesh bags through which the rich waters can easily flow to bring the oysters the food they need to grow. These bags are carefully tended and the oysters graded as they grow to ensure the best conditions for a really tasty oyster. Oysters are a real wild food, they only grow in the most pristine waters, and in perfect conditions where the plankton they feed on can thrive.

Whether you are sitting in for a romantic evening with your partner, wishing to live a healthier lifestyle, or simply wish to enjoy the flavour of a Connemara grown oyster with a glass of wine and good company, these are the perfect choice.
Join a farm tour and see how oysters are grown over a three-year period from seed to plate. As part of the tour enjoy the taste of a Connemara Oyster fresh from the waters of Ballinakill Bay.

The extended tours during Spring tides are special and include a walk on the seashore to the oyster beds.

A family tour of the farm is a great way to show young people where food comes from and why a clean environment is so important. They can also try the oysters to see how tasty they are and how they are prepared. There is much more to earn here than just how oysters are grown! There are family and group rates and more information can be found on the website.
Oysters can be purchased online from the website, or for farm gate sales ring the contact number. Tours can be booked online or enquiries made by email or phone.

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