Fishing Lodges and Lunch in Connemara:

If you are the sort of person who have their sleep disturbed by dreams of catching fish Connemara will go a long way towards improving your sleep.
Looking at a map of Connemara you will see that there are a bewildering number of lakes and rivers scattered across this wild and rugged landscape. All of these rivers and lakes hold fish, the lakes have brown trout and some have runs of salmon and seatrout too. All the rivers have runs of salmon and seatrout. On a rainy day in June or July you will see men standing up to their waist in rivers seemingly oblivious to the weather conditions as they concentrate on convincing a salmon to take their fly.
Unfortunately it is quite bewildering trying to gather information about how to access these fisheries and get the best from them. Catching an Atlantic salmon can take a bit of forethought and organisation.
The main run of salmon and seatrout happens in Connemara in late May and June, with fish still running into July and August. Most of the fisheries take a good deal of advance bookings so if you are keen to get a day or two salmon fishing then it is advisable to book in advance. Fishery managers are always keen to help so if you ring or email you will get up to date information on the fishing and weather. If you havn’t booked don’t despair you can often get a day or half day at the last minute. Sometimes it is surprisingly easy to get some fishing.
If you are fishing for salmon and seatrout you must have a state rod license. These are available in Stanleys shop in Clifden and at most of the fisheries. As is the most up to date fishing information and permits for the considerable Clifden Trout Anglers trout lakes and the Owenglen river.
Here is a pick of some of the amazing fisheries in Connemara. There are lots more besides but you will have to bring your own sandwiches for lunch!

Delphi Fishery.
Delphi is the most picturesque fishery you will ever have fished. The lodge is nestled in to the landscape and fits perfectly. It is a very productive fishery which produces fish all season. You may find it difficult to get fishing on the river but the magnificent Doolough often has a boat free and an afternoon there has every chance of producing a fish. Later in the season there is a run of seatrout which can be productive. The scenery is beyond compare and may distract you from the fishing. Amongst many others both Prince Charles and Timothy Dalton (a James Bond) have been spotted Book lunch at the lodge, they do a very nice meal.
Tel. +353 95 4222 e-mail: [email protected]

Erriff Fishery.
The Erriff river is a superb fishery with nine beats along the beautiful Erriff valley. The Erriff is quite a large river and produces fish from early may onwards. Due to its size it fishes well beyond the point other rivers have become too low. One of the few systems where you can use a double handed rod all the time. The stunning waterfall at the top of beat nine is a well known landmark. The Lodge used to be very lively but is closed at present so lunch must be in Leenane where you will be spoilt for choice as it is known for a good lunch.
Tel. 00353(0)95 42382

Ballynahinch Fishery.
The Ballynahinch Fishery is huge. The estates fishing rights stretch from just outside Clifden to beyond Maam Cross. The Castle Fishery consists of 2.5 miles of river. The carefully constructed weirs, walkways and casting piers were constructed by The Maharaja Jorn Sahib of Nawanagar who once owned the Estate. Again low water is not such an ordeal here due to the size of the river, the deep pools hold salmon from May onwards. The seatrout run from June onwards and an evening spent seathrout fishing in one of the seatrout pools is very enjoyable.Take an afternoon fishing here and enjoy the atmosphere of an old sporting estate. Of course you must not forget to have lunch in the hotel bar, which has a unique old world atmosphere rarely found nowadays, the pictures and photographs on the walls are a window on the past.
T: + 353 95 31006 Email: [email protected]

Lough Inagh Fishery.
Lough Inagh Fishery is the next fishery upstream from the Ballynahinch Castle Fishery. With two large lakes and Derryclare Butts (a narrow spot between the two lake There are two short connecting rivers, which contain four river beats. The fishery has spring salmon, grilse, sea trout and large indigenous brown trout. There are three sets of ‘Butts’ or long fishing piers, built out onto Derryclare Lough for the anglers convenience. There is always a good chance of a fish. The lakes have plenty of brown trout, seatrout and salmon, and the Butts will produce salmon regularly especially after rain. There are two loughs, Derryclare and Inagh, there are no boats on Derryclare ,Lough Inagh has six boats and the fishing starts early in July and fishes to the end of the season. The west shore fishes best, also all along the islands and river mouths are the chosen drifts. Lough Inagh is the largest lake in Connemara, and outboards are essential. There are experienced boatmen/ghillees available for the lake and river beats, with prior booking from Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel.
Enquire about lunch in the lodge.
Tel.:+353 95 34706 [email protected]

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