“Island Echoes” A day out on Omey Island was held on the 4th of June. A wonderful warm and sunny day greeted the crowds who crossed Omey Strand to join in. There was a mass, followed by some traditional music and dancing. There was tea and cake for everybody in Claddaghduff hall afterwards. Quite a number of Ukranian people arrived in two busses from where they were staying in Maam Cross  to join the local people in the event. The Cleggan Coastguard came along too to ensure everyone had a safe and happy time.
What a great way to spend an afternoon.

Loads and loads of people, a Mass in the Ancient ruins of St Fechins Church and the warm sun shone all day with tea and cake afterwards.
One of the amazing things that happen in Connemara!

Among many others the following had an input to the organisation,

Photos and Video Courtesy of Mick Mulkerrin

Traditional music was part of the event.

Buried under sand for centuries, this church, which is believed to have been founded by Saint Feichin in the seventh century was uncovered on Omey Island. After a six week excavation project undertaken with the guidance of a local priest a church has been uncovered from where it has lain buried under sand for centuries. There was controversy over the amateur involvment of the dig. Local people believe this church stands on the site of Saint Feichin’s original monastery.

An aerial shot of the ruins of the church.

Lots of local families and friends came along and enjoyed the day.