Study The Weather – Get A Better Holiday:

You don’t have to spend long in Connemara to realise that the weather is a staple source of conversation. Discussing the weather can take seconds when bidding a quick “ fine day” to a passer by, and equally it can take friends hours and several pots of tea to properly analyse the outlook.

Once seen as close to witchcraft weather forecasting is now a very accessible science, the tools needed are now easily available to everyone. With a bit of study and practice a very accurate forecast can be made by anyone.

Connemara has a climate dominated by the Atlantic Ocean. The weather here has regular patterns depending on the time of year.

This is how it works:

The feature that has the greatest effect on the Irish weather is called the Azores high. This is a large area of high pressure that is usualy centered in the region of the Azores Islands 900 miles off the Portuguese coast.

Generally this high pressure moves up towards Ireland during the Summer and away from Ireland during the winter. If it moves sufficiently far north its presence creates fine, dry weather with light winds, and also blocks any strong winds and weather systems coming in from the Atlantic, forcing them in a direction away from the Irish coast. This high pressure can stay for a while, or head south again and leave space for more unsettled weather.
As the Autumn approaches the Azores High moves slowly down towards the Azores again and no longer blocks weather systems carrying wind and rain which now pass over Ireland. The winter weather pattern then becomes established as spells of wet and windy weather followed by brief periods of less active weather in between.

The other major influence on the weather, particularly temperature is the day length and height of the sun which changes as the earth revolves around the sun. In Connemara the longest day is the 21st of June, with around 17 hours between sunrise and sunset. At this time of year on a clear evening the dusk lingers in to the evening, with a glow in the sky that lasts most of the night.
This is a magical time of year and often there is often a delightful spell of warm dry settled weather in May and June. This is not just a coincidence if you have a careful look at the long-term weather records predictable patterns start to emerge. These patterns can be very interesting and useful if you are planning a holiday in Connemara.

Average monthly sunhours in Clifden, Ireland
If you look at the long-term records shown on these graphs you will see that May is the sunniest month by far with 157 hours of sunshine and the highest percent of sun hours per day. June is not too far behind it. The next graph shows that May and June are also the driest months.

Average precipitation (rain/snow) in Clifden, Ireland

So there we are, the weather records prove it! The best weather in Connemara is in May and June. More sunshine and less rain is exactly what you need for any holiday. Add to this quieter roads, better prices and fewer people around and you realise that you should shuffle the holiday dates to include a Midsummer Holiday in Connemara. So hurry up – book now before anyone else reads this!

Three Of The Best:

If you want to keep an eye on the weather here are some very good weather apps and websites that, with a bit of  study, can help you to understand exactly what the weather is going to do.

Met Eireann: Met Eireann is the Irish  National Weather Service, they provide all of the different forecasts that you may need and have very accurate log term and up to date information, famously forecasting that a hurricane would hit the UK in 1987 when the UK weather services missed it completely. There is an App and a website

Met Éireann
Download from Google Play.

Windy: Windy has a very nice format to display the weather for the next week. you can zoom in to where you are. Even if you have not used this type of display before it wont take you long to learn.
There is an App and a website  Free and Subscription version. – Weather Forecast
Download from Google Play

Predictwind:  If you watch TV programmes about people who sail or even row across oceans, take part in round the world races or any of the extreme sports this is the website they use worth creating a free account and exploring the amazing detail this site provides. Their website is – Weather Forecast
Download from Google Play